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The Manitou Coronado Pamler MTB Team is a middle/high school mountain bike club serving student-athletes on the westside including Manitou Springs, Coronado, Palmer, Holmes, Eagleview, Mann, North, and Galileo.

We strive to build strong bodies, minds, and to create a life-long love for cycling and a sense of adventure for life!

Our season runs from June through October with summer rides starting in June.

We ride in amazing places like Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Stratton Open Space, Cheyenne Canyon, Ute Valley Park, Palmer Park, Rampart, Bear Creek Park, and more.

We offer all kinds of MTB fun with MTB skills clinics, MTB Maintenance classes, MTB camping trip, and more.

More Info

The Manitou Mountain Monsters provide a professional coaching staff that brings a high level of training and experience to the program. Our coaches include top-level racers, professionals, and veterans of the sport. All of them have a passion for cycling that fuels our success.

We teach students how to perform bike skills and basic bike repairs and to improve physical fitness while having fun. In addition, students learn sportsmanship and mutual respect, while creating strong and long-lasting friendships.

Groups- we have 5 different group levels that are based on Skill level and Conditioning. Below is a new rider guide.

Skill level:

Beginner (Green) – ridden very little off road or not at all
Intermediate (Blue) -off road experience, on green and some blue trails
Intermediate +(Blue F) -confident on all blue level trails
Advanced (Blue/Black) -blue level trails, with some black
Expert (Black) -black level trails with good decision making when obstacles are over their ability

Condition Level:

Not fit yet (Green) – will have trouble completing a 2 hour ride
Little fit (Blue) – can complete a 2 hour ride, but at a moderate pace
Fit (Blue F) – can complete a 2/3 hour ride at tempo
Race fit (Blue/Black) – can complete a 2 hour ride at race pace
Race fit +(Black) – can complete a 3 hour ride at race pace

We look forward to seeing you improve your bike skills, fitness, and grow as a person!

We also have loaner bikes and scholarships available.  If you don’t have a bike, can’t afford the fees, or have any other issues holding you back, please Contact us!

-The Manitou Mountain Monsters

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