Weather Policy

  1. We will cancel or delay practice if the weather has created dangerous conditions one hour prior to the start using TeamSnap alerts. No news means practice is on as scheduled, although look to Team Snap for the latest updates.


  1. We do ride in the rain, so come prepared to ride.  If the trails are too muddy, or wet, we will seek drier trails or seek out bike paths or other training locations, and teach the students appropriate places to ride when its wet.


  1. Parents, there are no penalties for missing practice so make the right call for your student athlete and your family, based on your needs, current conditions and safe travel.


  1. Our weather can change quickly and as we approach autumn we encourage our student athletes to come prepared to ride in the weather conditions of the day.  This may mean extra water on hot days or extra layers on cool days.  We believe being prepared serves you well for Mountain biking and life, so come prepared and enjoy the day outside!