Lettering/Team Captain

Mountain Biking is a Lettering Sport at Manitou

Lettering/Team Captain Requirements are based on but not limited to:

  1. Academic Standing
    • Meet school eligibility requirements for athletes for the season
  2. Community Service: (2 hours min)
    • Volunteer at team fundraisers
    • Participate in community trail-building activities
    • Serve at benefits for the cycling community
  3. Sportsmanship
    • 80% Attendance in team practices and other team functions
    • Demonstrate a positive and encouraging spirit
    • Follow Team and NICA rules, Code of Conduct, and safety guidelines
  4. Competitor Mindset
    • Ride in 3 of 4 league races within a single season
    • Qualify or participate in State Championship race

*Team Captains are picked before first race of the season.

*An athlete can earn a letter at the discretion of the head coach even if established criteria is not met, depending on the athlete’s commitment and contribution made to the total program

*Letters are awarded at the end of the year party.