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Manitou Mountain Monsters 2020 flyer Highschool Mosaic

How to Register:

STEP 1 – Club Registration, April23 – August ($60):

  1. Fill out the 2019 Registration Form – Click here
    1. Sign up or sign in to TeamSnap
    2. Enter participant info
    3. Fill in t-shirt size (T-Shirts available for those that sign up by June 30th)
    4. Enter parent info
    5. Fees
      1. Check Team Dues $60 (Required)
      2. Checkout
        1. Choose pay with Credit Card or pay with Bank.
        2. Choose pay now or installments
  2. Once registered you will receive a TeamSnap invitation sent via email.
  3. (Recommended) Once registered with TeamSnap online, download the TeamSnap mobile app. Click on the platform your device supports.

STEP 2 – NICA Registration april-August($65):

  1. Once registered with the Manitou Mountain Monsters, a NICA Pitzone invitation will be sent via email.
  2. Follow the email registration link and create a site login.
  3. Continue through the pages filling out information.

STEP 3 – Order Team Apparel (Optional)

  1. Fill out the Clothing form – Click here to go to Team Apparel
  2. Enter participant info – option to add existing participant
    1. Info
      1. Enter participant info, there is an option to add existing participant
      2. Fill in all clothing sizes, even the  ones you are not interested in.
    1. Fees
      1. Check clothing quantities wanted (optional)
    2. Checkout
      1. Choose check or charge
      2. Choose pay now or installments

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